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We help children understand animal cruelty by teaching compassion and empathy

through reading, so they grow up to be adults who care.

- Olivia, 10

"My three kids and I love Literacy for Companionship. From reading to the animals at our local shelter to the summer reading program, it's a great organization that's made a positive impact on our family. Nurturing kids' love for reading while helping them show compassion for doesn't get much better than that!"

- Christy L. | Fremont, IN

"Reading to animals is something that I have been doing for 2 years now. It's a program that lets you read to animals at the shelter to help them feel comfortable. I've read to cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, and small animals. I even get a prize from the treasure chest when I fill up my punch card. The program is run by a very nice lady named Angie. I love going every month."

 - Caleb, 11

"I have been in LfC for a little over a year now, before I was in LfC I didn't read that much. Ever since I joined LfC I like reading more and I love the animals at the animal shelter, and a few months ago we adopted a cat at the animal shelter! Our cat's name is Miah and I love her! Make sure to support LfC and if you can adopt an animal at the shelter, you should!"




Nonprofit 501(c)3 Corporation

(260) 204 - 1200

PO Box 8464

Fort Wayne, IN 46898

Serving: Whitley County, Steuben County, Allen County, St. Joseph County, Wabash County



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